Table A-13. Summary of Estimated Costs Associated with Importation
from Central Valley Project—San Luis Reservoir Project

Cost Component

Capital Costs (1998 dollars unless noted otherwise)

O&M Costs

Assumptions and Other
Purchase price of water from CVP or other entity N/A $300,000 to $2.0 million/yr Assumes $30-200 per af per year and purchase of 10,000 af *a
CVP costs of conveyance $500,000 (1992 dollars) $1.2–1.4 million/yr Assumes $124–141/af/year and purchase of 10,000 af (1992 dollars) *b
Pipeline from Gilroy to Watsonville $44-54 million (1996 dollars) $46,000/yr Pipeline options are 48-inch and 60-inch diameter and 23 miles long *a
Pipeline from Watsonville to Monterey Peninsula $86 million $85,000/yr 35-mile pipe based on Gilroy pipeline data*c
Water storage facility $40 million Unknown 5,000- to 10,000-af reservoir (generic location)
Cal-Am facilities needed to treat and distribute water $13–18 million Unknown presently Based on Cal-Am hydraulic report, assuming 9,400 af/yr production *d
Total (rough estimate) $190 million (excludes mitigation measures) Approximately $1.6–3.5 million/yr (excludes storage and Cal-Am costs, mitigation)  

*a. Source: Montgomery Watson 1998.

*b. Source: Yost 1994.

*c. Source: MPWMD 1994a.

*d. Source: American Water Works Service Company 1997.